Immigration & Refugees

The Impact of Parents Migration on the Well-being of Children Left Behind


This 26-page discussion paper examines the causal effects of parents' migration on their children left home in Romania, a country where increasingly more children are left behind in recent years

, Posted: 2014-06-19

Does Development Reduce Migration?


A working paper examining the theory that rising incomes in developing countries will deter emigration from those countries

, Posted: 2014-03-25

A Fair Deal on Migration for the UK


This 87-page paper brings together ideas and research on migration from across the last five years to propose a comprehensive Fair Deal on migration for the UK – a set of policies and approaches that address all aspects of migration in a fair and realistic way, and which would make Britain’s economy fairer and our society stronger

Posted: 2014-03-07

Education for Syrian Refugees in Turkey – Beyond Camps


This US article considers the educational situation of Syrian refugee children in Turkey

, Posted: 2014-01-20

2014 Top 10 Issues to Watch in Peace & Security: The Global Arena


A US-compiled list of ten key issues that are likely to impact international peace and security in 2014

, Posted: 2014-01-20

Immigration and the Informal Labor Market


This 25-page discussion paper investigates the relationship between immigration and the size of the informal or underground economy

, Posted: 2014-01-09

Heaven's Swing Door: Endogenous Skills, Migration Networks and the Effectiveness of Quality-Selective Immigration Policies


This 36-page discussion paper considers whether more skill-selection would raise immigrants' average quality or education level

, Posted: 2013-12-02

Return Migration and the Age Profile of Retirement among Immigrants


This 20-page paper analyzes the relationship between the age profile of retirement within an immigrant population and aggregate return migration rates for individuals from different countries of origin

, Posted: 2013-11-29

Growing up in a Hostile Environment: The Rights of Undocumented Migrant Children in the UK


A 12-page UK report examining the ways in which lack of immigration status is an obstacle to children and young people accessing their basic rights and entitlements and the difficulties this group face in regularising their status and obtaining essential legal advice

, Posted: 2013-11-18

Social Benefits and Migration: A Contested Relationship and Policy Challenge in the EU


The collection of essays contained in this 168-page book examines the main policy controversies that have emerged in the EU regarding linkages between welfare and migration

, Posted: 2013-09-21

The Effects of International Migration on the Wellbeing of Native Populations in Europe


This 21-page article analyzes the effects of aggregate immigration flows on the subjective well-being of native-born populations in a panel of 26 countries between 2002 and 2010

, Posted: 2013-08-28

Improving Immigrant Selection: Further Changes Are Required Before Increasing Inflows

C.D. Howe Institute

This 8-page brief argues that before increasing new immigrant intake targets, Canada should focus on improving immigrants’ labour market outcomes through reforms to the selection process

Posted: 2013-07-04

Barely Surviving: Detention, Abuse, and Neglect of Migrant Children in Indonesia


This 92-page report details Indonesia’s poor treatment of migrant and asylum-seeking children

, Posted: 2013-06-28

Improve Immigrant Outcomes Before Increasing Inflows

C.D. Howe Institute

An 8-page Canadian brief arguing that, before increasing new immigrant intake targets, the country should focus on improving immigrants' labour market outcomes through reforms to the selection process

, Posted: 2013-06-19

International Experiences with the Sustainable Assisted Return of Rejected Asylum Seekers


A 64-page Danish report reviewing Danish and international experiences with initiatives to promote the voluntary departure of rejected asylum seekers

Posted: 2013-05-28

Who Moves and For How Long: Determinants of Different Forms of Migration


This discussion paper analyses the determinants and correlates of different forms of migration, including circular, temporary and permanent

Posted: 2013-05-22

Ethnic Disparities in Higher Education

IZA Journal of Migration

This 21-page paper examines ethnic differences in degree performance in Dutch colleges and universities

, Posted: 2013-05-21

Intra-Firm Upward Mobility and Immigration


A 50-page discussion paper examining how immigrants in Canada fare in terms of promotions relative to their native peers

, Posted: 2013-05-19

The Effects of International Migration on the Well-Being of Native Populations in Europe


This 44-page discussion paper uses the European Social Survey to analyze the effects of aggregate immigration inflows on the subjective well-being of native-born populations

, Posted: 2013-05-19

Too Close for Comfort: Syrians in Lebanon

Crisis Group

This 41-page report argues that a priority for the Lebanese government and international partners must be to tackle the refugee crisis

, Posted: 2013-05-14

Thinking Regionally to Compete Globally

Migration Policy Institute, Wilson Center

This 75-page report offers recommendations to policymakers in the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras for achieving greater regional economic competitiveness through a collaborative vision on migration and human-capital development

, Posted: 2013-05-13

Blurring the Borders: Syrian Spillover Risks for Turkey

Crisis Group

This 54-page report examines the issue of cross-border aid and the situation of Syrian refugees in the border province of Hatay, which epitomises the humanitarian and security challenges Ankara faces

Posted: 2013-05-01

Searching for Successful Integration. An Assessment of Projects Which Aim to Help Young Adults and Immigrants to Find Employment


The 6-page summary of a Swedish report compares the labour market outcomes for individuals who participated in a project funded by the European Social Fund with the outcome for those who participated in the regular activities of the Swedish Public Employment Service

, Posted: 2013-04-28

Migration, Trade and Income


This 42-page discussion paper explores the relationship between openness to trade, immigration, and income per person across countries

, Posted: 2013-04-25

Immigration Detention in Australia

Parliament of Australia

This 48-page background note provides a brief overview of the historical and political context surrounding mandatory detention in Australia

Posted: 2013-04-24

International Legal Frameworks for Humanitarian Action


This 57-page UK topic guide describes the key provisions and implications of the branches of international law relevant to humanitarian action

, Posted: 2013-04-22

Homecoming: Return and Reintegration of Irregular Migrants from Nigeria


This 64-page UK report proposes how to make the reintegration of returning migrants as effective, efficient, humane and sustainable as possible, and stresses the importance of supporting returnees to reconnect with their families and communities

, Posted: 2013-04-22

The Syrian Refugee Crisis is Pushing Lebanon to the Brink

Wilson Center

A 6-page US brief arguing that the refugee issue in Lebanon could become a full blown crisis with domestic and regional implications for Lebanon

Posted: 2013-03-23

Citizenship, Values and Cultural Concerns: What Americans Want From Immigration Reform


This 68-page US survey of nearly 4,500 American adults explores the many divisions—political, religious, ethnic, geographical, and generational—within the nation over core values and their relation­ship to immigration

, Posted: 2013-03-23

Relocation Across Borders: A Prescient Warning in the Pacific


A US opinion piece about the likely conceptual and pragmatic challenges of relocation in the context of climate change.

, Posted: 2013-03-18

Immigrant Concentration in Schools: Consequences for Native and Migrant Students


This 42-page discussion paper studies the impact of immigrant concentration in primary schools on educational outcomes of native and migrant students

, Posted: 2013-03-14

Returning Irregular Migrants: How Effective is the EU’s Response?


This 18-page UK report examines the EU’s response to irregular migration and the role played by its return strategy

, Posted: 2013-03-08

Returning Irregular Migrants: How Effective is the EU’s Response?


This 18-page UK report examines the EU’s response to irregular migration and the role played by its return strategy

, Posted: 2013-02-22

Mali's Conflict Refugees: Responding to a Growing Crisis

Oxfam International

A 28-page briefing paper analyses the shortfalls in the humanitarian response to refugees, and outlines what is needed to better meet the needs of refugees and the communities among which they are living

, Posted: 2013-01-29

Fair and Democratic Migration Policy: A Principled Framework for the UK


This 33-page paper sets out 10 broad ‘principles’ for migration policy to provide the basis for a UK migration policy that is fair, democratic, progressive and effective

Posted: 2013-01-18

The EU Draws a Red Line on Israeli Settlements


An Israeli article considering the possible consequences of further settlement-building on EU reactions

, Posted: 2013-01-04

The European Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis to the Sy rian Refugee Crisis: What Next?

Migration Policy Centre

A 41-page report examining the EU’s political and humanitarian responses to the Syrian refugee crisis

, Posted: 2012-12-05

European Good Practice Examples of Migration and Development Initiatives


This 68-page Austrian report approaches the question of the coherence of migration policy and development objectives by looking at actual EU policies on migration and development

, Posted: 2012-12-04

Integration or Emancipation?

Der Tagesspiegel

This German opinion piece takes a look at the degree to which Muslims in Europe – many of them immigrants – have become truly emancipated

, Posted: 2012-11-26

Institutional Determinants of Intergenerational Education Transmission - Comparing Alternative Mechanisms for Natives and Immigrants


A 44-page working paper studying the association of educational institutions with the intergenerational transmission of education

, Posted: 2012-11-21

Muslims in France: Identifying a Discriminatory Equilibrium


A 62-page discussion paper analyzing the assimilation patterns of Muslim immigrants in Western countries with a unique identification strategy

Posted: 2012-11-14

The Economics of Circular Migration


This 47-page discussion paper reviews the advantages and disadvantages of circular movements for all parties

Posted: 2012-11-13

Setting up Solidarity Houses in Greece

Open Society

A proposal to set up solidarity houses in Greece to serve as community centres for the local population and provide food and shelter to migrants

, Posted: 2012-11-09

Don't Stand so Close to Me: The Urban Impact of Immigration

Social Science Research Network

This 36-page working paper examines the impact of immigration on the residential market within urban areas

, Posted: 2012-11-08

Myanmar Migrants to Thailand and Implications to Myanmar Development


A 5-page Japanese policy paper on issues relevant to Myanmar migration to Thailand

, Posted: 2012-11-05

Immigration and the Distribution of Incomes


This 68-page discussion paper reviews research on the impact of immigration on income distribution

, Posted: 2012-10-29

The Labour Market Integration of Refugee and Family Reunion Immigrants: A Comparison of Outcomes in Canada and Sweden


This discussion paper assesses the employment and earnings trajectories of refugee and family reunion category immigrants in Canada and Sweden

, Posted: 2012-10-29

Miserable Migrants? Natural Experiment Evidence on International Migration and Objective and Subjective Well-Being


A 36-page discussion paper looking at the effects of migration on subjective well-being

Posted: 2012-10-12

Exploring the Early-life Causes and Later-life Consequences of Migration through a Longitudinal Study on Ageing


A 21-page study of the early-life causes and later-life consequences of migration of former emigrants who have returned to live in Ireland

, Posted: 2012-10-12

Rethinking Integration


This 22-page UK report offers a new approach for analysing and advancing the possibilities for the integration of different communities into a stable social order

, Posted: 2012-10-12

Ethnic Segregation in Germany


This 34-page discussion paper provides a comprehensive description of the nature and extent of ethnic segregation in Germany

, Posted: 2012-10-02

Australian Government Assistance to Refugees: Fact versus Fiction 2012

Australian Parliamentary Library

This 19-page background note describes the current situation with regard to refugee entitlements to social security and other assistance in Australia

, Posted: 2012-10-02

Assimilation through Marriage


This 29-page discussion paper shows how the willingness of locals and immigrants to intermarry influences the culture and the national identity of the host country

, Posted: 2012-10-01

Training Requirements of Foreign-born Workers in Different Countries


This 48-page Australian report explores the question of whether participation in further training differs for migrants compared with that of native-born workers in similar jobs

, Posted: 2012-09-26

Young Immigrant Children and their Educational Attainment


This 18-page discussion paper analyzes the determinants of reading literacy, mathematical skills and science skills of young immigrant children in the Netherlands

, Posted: 2012-09-18

New Americans in Postsecondary Education: A Profile of Immigrant and Second-Generation American Undergraduates


This 29-page US report presents the demographic and enrollment characteristics of undergraduates who are immigrants or the children of immigrants and compares them with undergraduates whose parents were born in the United States

, Posted: 2012-07-17

The Role of Income and Immigration Policies in Attracting International Migrants


This 34-page discussion paper shows how international migration flows are highly responsive to income per capita at destination

, Posted: 2012-07-16

On the Pro-Trade Effects of Immigrants


This 43-page discussion paper investigates the causal effect of immigration on trade flows

, Posted: 2012-07-06

Wage Effects of High-Skilled Migration: International Evidence


This 30-page discussion paper argues that international migration of high-skilled workers triggers productivity effects at the macro level such that the wage rate of skilled workers may rise in host countries and decline in source countries

, Posted: 2012-07-03

A Global View of Cross-Border Migration


This 49-page discussion paper evaluates the welfare impact of observed levels of migration and remittances in both origins and destinations

Posted: 2012-06-27

Does Immigration into Their Neighborhoods Incline Voters Toward the Extreme Right?


This 45-page discussion paper explores one potentially important channel through which immigration may drive support for extreme right-wing parties: the presence of immigrants in one's neighborhood

, Posted: 2012-06-26

Language Skills and the Social Integration of Canada’s Adult Immigrants


A 36-page Canadian study concluding that improving immigrants’ language proficiency requires greater emphasis on pragmatic skills and opportunities to interact with people in an official language

, Posted: 2012-06-04

Refugees and Asylum Seekers: A Guide to Key Electronic Resources

Parliamentary Library - Australia

This 18-page Australian guide provides web links to statistics and information about the world’s refugees, asylum seekers and others “of concern”

Posted: 2012-05-17

The International Migration of Health Professionals


This 42-page discussion paper investigates the patterns and drivers of the international migration of health professionals

, Posted: 2012-05-14

Environmental Migrants: A Myth?


This 8-page US brief reviews recent evidence, examines main research challenges in identifying migration–climate links and discusses the policy options for formalizing migration as an adaptation mechanism to climate change

, Posted: 2012-05-09

Choice or Necessity: Do immigrants and Their Children Choose Self-employment for the Same Reasons?

Statistics Canada

A 43-page Canadian study examining whether children of immigrants are influenced by the same factors as their parents in choosing self-employment

, Posted: 2012-04-27

Welfare Migration


This 20-page discussion paper reviews and discusses major theories and empirical studies about the welfare magnet hypothesis, i.e. whether immigrants are more likely to move to countries with generous welfare systems

, Posted: 2012-04-23

Non-Native Speakers of English in the Classroom: What Are the Effects on Pupil Performance?


A 43-page discussion paper investigating whether an increase in the number of non-native English speakers has an impact on the educational outcomes of native English speakers at the end of primary school

, Posted: 2012-04-23

Climatic Factors as Determinants of International Migration


This 37-page working paper examines environmental factors as potential determinants of international migration

, Posted: 2012-04-18

Skill Based Immigrant Selection and Labor Market Outcomes by Visa Category


This 50-page discussion paper reviews the evidence on labour market outcomes of immigrants by visa category that portrays the experiences of countries with different selection mechanisms and underlines the challenges for realizing aimed benefits of a skill based immigrant selection policy

, Posted: 2012-04-18

The Migration Industry and Future Directions for Migration Policy


A 4-page Danish policy brief that discusses the consequences of outsourcing and commercialization of international migration management and recommends that governments carefully regulate the outsourcing of migration functions to ensure migrants’ rights and avoid a democratic deficit

Posted: 2012-04-17

Is Temporary Agency Employment a Stepping Stone for Immigrants?


This 10-page discussion paper investigates whether agency employment is a bridge into regular employment

, Posted: 2012-04-04

Addressing Climate Change and Migration in Asia and the Pacific


This 94-page report is designed to generate policy responses to climate-induced migration in the Asia/Pacific region

, Posted: 2012-03-30

Migration, Displacement and the Arab Spring: Lessons to Learn


This US commentary considers lessons that may be learned from the Arab Spring experience over the last year about international responses to migration and displacement

, Posted: 2012-03-27

The True Perpetrators of The Antisemitic Attacks in Toulouse and Throughout the World

Gloria Center

A commentary on the basis of present-day anti-semitism, following the Toulouse shootings

, Posted: 2012-03-22

A Literature Review of Public Opinion Research on Canadian Attitudes towards Multiculturalism and Immigration, 2006-2009

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

A 48-page Canadian report reviewing all publicly-available data relating to issues of multiculturalism and immigration from 2006 to 2009

Posted: 2012-03-21

Interethnic Marriages and their Economic Effects


This 30-page discussion paper starts by considering the determinants of intermarriage, proceeds with an examination of the economic consequences of intermarriage, and ends with a discussion of the links between intermarriage, ethnic identification, and measurement of long-term socioeconomic integration

, Posted: 2012-03-19

Is Religiosity of Immigrants a Bridge or a Buffer in the Process of Integration? A Comparative Study of Europe and the United States


This 42-page discussion paper reviews and evaluates the intertwined relationship between immigration and religiosity

Posted: 2012-03-15

The Impact of Migration on Family Left Behind


This 35-page discussion paper addresses the effects of migration on families left behind and offers new evidence on the impact of migration on elderly parents

, Posted: 2012-03-08

The Evaluation of Immigration Policies


This 30-page discussion paper summarizes the literature on the evaluation of immigration policies

Posted: 2012-03-07

The Role of Language in Shaping International Migration


This 41-page discussion paper uses a novel dataset on immigration flows and stocks of foreigners in 30 OECD destination countries from 223 source countries for the years 1980–2009 and a wide range of linguistic indicators to study the role of language in shaping international migration

, Posted: 2012-02-20

How Immigrant Children Affect the Academic Achievement of Native Dutch Children


This 35-page discussion paper analyzes how the share of immigrant children in the classroom affects the educational attainment of native Dutch children

, Posted: 2012-01-09

Immigration and Welfare State Cash Benefits: The Danish Case


This 36-page discussion paper summarizes existing evidence on welfare dependence among immigrants in Denmark and supplies new evidence with focus on the most recent years

, Posted: 2012-01-09

Migration and Global Environmental Change

Government Office for Science

This 234-page UK report has examined how environmental changes will influence and interact with patterns of global human migration over the next 50 years

, Posted: 2011-12-22

Parental Ethnic Identity and Educational Attainment of Second-Generation Immigrants


This 31-page discussion paper is a first attempt to explore whether immigrant parents' ethnic identity affects the next generation's human capital accumulation in the host country

, Posted: 2011-12-16

Immigrant Participation in Welfare Benefits in the Netherlands


This 21-page discussion paper examines the degree of participation in social assistance, disability and unemployment benefits across ethnic groups using register data of the entire population in the Netherlands

, Posted: 2011-12-09

Disparities in Social Assistance Receipt between Immigrants and Natives in Sweden


This discussion paper investigates social assistance receipt among immigrants compared with receipt among natives in Sweden

, Posted: 2011-12-09

Inside Madrassas: Understanding and Engaging with British-Muslim Faith Supplementary Schools


A 74-page UK report presenting research that has been undertaken by IPPR to generate a stronger evidence base on the operation and impact of madrassas in the UK

, Posted: 2011-12-07

Do Admission Criteria and Economic Recessions Affect Immigrant Earnings?


A 40-page Canadian study comparing the outcomes of skills-assessed immigrants with those of immigrants who entered in other classes, and to examine the impact of economic cycles on immigrants’ earnings

, Posted: 2011-11-15

A Farewell to Open Borders? The Danish Approach


This 14-page paper seeks to clarify a few basic elements to help counter future ‘plots’ against free movement within Europe

, Posted: 2011-11-11

Responding to Migration from Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: Lessons Learned from Libya

Chatham House

This 8-page UK briefing paper spells out the lessons learned from the policy responses to the migration crisis caused by the upheaval in Libya

Posted: 2011-11-11

Reconsidering West African Migration


A 22-page Danish working paper that focuses on migration from poorer to richer zones in West Africa

, Posted: 2011-11-03

Educating Imams in Europe

Dayan Center

A 4-page Israeli commentary on the difficulties of providing academic imam education in Europe

, Posted: 2011-11-03

Asylum Levels and Trends in Industrialized Countries, First Half 2011

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

This 36-page report summarizes patterns and trends in the number of individual asylum claims submitted in Europe and selected non-European countries during the first six months of 2011

Posted: 2011-10-19

Divergent Trends in Citizenship Rates among Immigrants in Canada and the United States

Statistics Canada

This 37-page Canadian paper addresses two issues. First: among immigrants, is there a labour market benefit associated with becoming a citizen of the host country? Second: do differences between the Canada and the US in individual and source region characteristics of immigrants account for a widening citizenship rate gap?

Posted: 2011-10-19

Multilateral Resistance to Migration


This 53-page discussion paper looks at the influence exerted by other destinations on bilateral migration flows

Posted: 2011-09-29

Climate Change, Natural Disasters and Migration: An Empirical Analysis in Developing Countries


The aim of this 32-page discussion paper is to assess the relationship between natural disasters caused by climate change and migration by studying the migration rates and the education level in developing countries

, Posted: 2011-09-09

Economics and Emigration: Trillion-Dollar Bills on the Sidewalk?


This US paper investigates why economists studying the effects of migration focus on the effects of immigration on nonmigrants in destination countries. It sketches a four-point research agenda on the effects of emigration and argues that barriers to emigration deserve a research priority that is commensurate with their likely colossal economic effects

, Posted: 2011-09-08

A New Approach: Breaking the Stalemate on Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Centre for Policy Development

This 52-page report comprehensively critiques Australia’s refugee and asylum policies and finds they are inhumane, ineffective and expensive

Posted: 2011-08-24

Economics and Emigration: Trillion-dollar Bills on the Sidewalk?


This 32-page US working paper sketches a four-point research agenda on the effects of emigration

, Posted: 2011-08-23